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Before long, I was designing fairly elaborate movie scenes and comic book panels as backdrops in my photograph for fun or auctions.  And when I discovered graphic art, I came to the realization that, while maintaining a level patience so extreme that a long rest is required after, I could do the tedious work of grafting body parts from my own photos onto my Wonderman Action Doll photos, in essence allowing me to fly or block bullets or stop a moving vehicle or monster... thus becoming the subject of the photos, and becoming the art.  And if I could do this  with my photos, why not others? That's how the earliest concept of the Wonder Me Over Photo came about. (The best part is, they're not only great storytellers, but  they're also a very effective selling tool. See link for my online store below.)



The jump from creating practical effects, to creating graphics, and digital effects was almost instinctual... well, it was instinctual first to my mentor, Jill Slupe, one of the finest human's on this planet, and then to me. Parlaying this into a career that combines website design & development, brand design, and marketing was her epiphany (more likely a formula.) One for which I will ever be grateful. Thank you Jill Slupe.



I'd been making these figures and pix for myself for years, with the occasional commission request, but after I became unemployed at the start of the first round of the first pandemic, I started selling my collection, taking more commissions and making more art products to keep my small family as comfortable as possible. Before long, I was creating full-time for several months. before I began working with Jill's company for a year, then on my own. Money is a definitive factor in this, but the real joy for me is knowing the feeling of finally having that something that you may have wanted every day for your whole life, but never thought you would, and knowing that I've given that feeling to others. It's indescribable. 



You can purchase most of my Kustom Koncept Figures, etc. using the Buy it Now button, or you may submit the form below to request a quote for a Kustom Koncept Figure, or Wonder Me Over Pix. Please utilize the Back Button to go back  to the previous page.




I had spent practically my entire life frustrated and depressed, but that time was also invaluable to the development of my wildly vivid imagination and my very real talent for seeing things for what they're not. With more scraps available on the daily, I began creating more complicated costuming and weaponry on a 1/6 scale  (12 in figures) which lead to creating entirely new versions of not only Wonder Woman, but almost any character I had seen in movies, cartoons, or tv shows, or one's I imagined from vivid descriptions in favorite books.



In the subsequent years, I've made multiple versions of Supers, Wonders, SciFi, Literary & TV figures that toy companies hadn't. I was making some pretty cool Custom Super Hero Action Dolls, and eventually I started to call them Klaus's Kustom Koncept Figures (then HartingKlaus Kustom Koncepts, now Kustom Koncept Figures.) I use Hot Toys, Phicen/TB League, Barbie, sink hardware, pool toy pieces, old shoes, gloves, you name it.

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